We wanted to make a post mentioning some of the updates we’ve made to content appearing on this site over the past few weeks, as minor edits can easily slip past notice.

Additionally several minor revisions have been made to the following articles,

  • The History of HEMA article has been updated with new sections related to the European side of development. We’ve also cleaned up the citations section.
  • Some minor tweaks have been made to the language of the ‘What is a long sword in HEMA?‘ article to more clearly express the intention of certain sentences.
  • Minor grammar fixes to the Fiore de Liberi article and correcting a few sentences.
  • Minor grammar fixes to the ‘What is a rapier?‘ article.

We have some ongoing discussions in the forums, too.

Lastly Historical European Martial Arts Resources (HEMAR) has been mentioned as a top 20 martial arts blog by Feedspot.

We will periodically make revisions to published articles and make an effort to post a news update listing these changes.


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