Guides for Newcomers to Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA)


These are guides which have been written to assist people who are new beginners to Historical European martial arts (HEMA), Western martial arts (WMA) and swordsmanship.


What is Historical European martial arts?

A brief overview of what this HEMA stuff is all about, along with a summary of the differences between canonical and applied interpretations of source material. Click here to read it.


How to Learn HEMA

This short guide provides an overview of the different ways to study historical swordsmanship. Click here to read it.


Learn HEMA – Weapons List

This section of the website will point you to learning about the various source material and traditions studied by Historical European martial artists. Click here to read it.

How to Learn HEMA when there is No Local Club to you

This guide talks about how to learn historical fencing with a long sword when there is no nearby school or club where you live. Click here to read it.


What Type of Fencing Sword is used in HEMA?

Real sharp steel swords are too dangerous to practice free sparring with as a sport. Many different types of specialty training weapons are used in HEMA. Click here to learn about them.

Recommended Western Martial Arts Books

This is our list of books we recommend reading for Historical European martial artists. Click here to read the list. 

The benefits of learning swordsmanship

Historical European martial arts can be dismissed sometimes by people as not being useful or practical. This article explores why studying sword fighting is still relevant to us today. Click here to read it.


Is HEMA a Sport? Historical European Martial Arts and Tournaments.

Our opinion is that Historical fencing is indeed a sport, although it is a unique one that mixes historical research and athleticism. Click here to read this article.

Long Sword Starter Gear Guide

It can be overwhelming as a newbie with all the things available to purchase. This guide is intended to help you figure out what to buy and when to buy it for longsword fencing. Click here to read it.

Historical Rapier Fencing Starter Gear Guide

This guide is specifically for those seeking to begin rapier fencing. Click here to read it. 


List of Recommended HEMA Tournament Grade Equipment

This guide is for those looking for information on what protective equipment they should purchase for tournament usage. Click here to read it.

The Best Federschwert Practice Longswords for HEMA

This guide is a list of recommendations for feder to purchase for practicing long sword fencing. Click here to read it. 

Safety Tips for Historical Fencing

Sword fighting can be a dangerous activity if you do not take the necessary precautions. These are simple to implement but you have to know about them to do them. Click here to read our guide about safety in HEMA.

List of Good Entry Level Sharp Swords for Cutting Practices

There are many swords available for purchase online which are entirely unsuitable for test cutting practices. Our guide lists a few swords we believe are good for entry level practitioners. Click here to read the guide. 

How Dangerous is a Sword?

HEMA as a sport and martial art strives to practice sword fighting safely. Read this article for information on how safe swords are, whether blunt or sharp. Click here to read this article. 


How to clean and care for your swords and federschwert in HEMA (plus storage and transport advice)

Swords might be unbreakable magical things in popular media depictions, but they are not so in real life. Swords need maintenance, and feders even more so. This guide will show you how. Click here to read it.


List of North American HEMA Equipment Providers

This list is of companies based in the United States of America and Canada, and who will ship internationally between. Some of these companies will also ship to South American countries as well. Click here to read the list.


List of European HEMA Equipment Providers

This guide has a list of companies based in the EU (European Union, Europa) and who sell and distribute historical fencing equipment (HEMA, AMHE) and goods across Europe. Click here to read the list.


List of Makers of Custom Swords, Armour and other Equipment

This article has links to many different smiths who take commissions and custom orders. Click here to read the list.


Fitness Equipment for Historical Fencers for Home Workouts

A list of some low to mid priced equipment that is easy to store and use for home workouts. Click here to read it.


How to Teach Kids HEMA

Children can gain a lot of value from learning swordfighting and we want to help more instructors do this. Click here to read our recommendations.


Timeline History of the Modern HEMA Movement

If you are curious what events and people helped reconstruct and grow the Historical European martial arts movement today, this article will give you an overview. Click here to read it.

Who was Fiore dei Liberi? What is Armizare?

Learn about the origins of one of the most widely studied masters in HEMA long sword fencing, the works of Fiore dei Liberi. Click here to read it.

The Johannes Liechtenauer School of German Fencing

Learn about the origins of one of the most widely studied schools of German fencing, the Liechtenauer Tradition. Click here to read it.


How to Build a Website for Your HEMA Club Cheaply and/or for Free

An article intended to provide very useful information for HEMA club school owners and instructors to better market their schools. Click here to read this guide.

List of Useful HEMA Websites

There are many websites, forums, organizations and so on within the HEMA community. This guide has a list to them. Click here to read it.


HEMA Club Finder

Our Club Finder has over 200 clubs in it, primarily in the United States, and we’re adding international clubs based in Canada, Europe and elsewhere every week. Click here to use it.

What is a Long Sword in HEMA? An Evaluation of the Historical Context

This article discusses the different types of long swords depicted in different manuscripts studied among the HEMA community. Click here to read it.


What is a Rapier? Clearing up common misunderstandings.

This article dives into commonly encountered things people believe about rapiers that are not true. Click here to read it.


Modern Olympic Fencing Vs. HEMA: What are the Differences?

This article looks at the key differences between how contemporary sports fencing and historical European martial art based fencing differ from one another. Click here to read it.


HEMA Vs Kendo: How do these sword styles compare?

This article looks at differences between the modern day Japanese sport of Kendo and HEMA sword styles. Click here to read it.


SCA Armored Combat Vs HEMA: What are the Differences?

The Society for Creative Anachronism is one of the oldest studying and recreating Medieval European culture, and even has its own combat sport. There are some unique things to it that make it different. Click here to read about these differences.

Western Vs. Eastern Martial Arts

This article discusses some of the differences between WMA / HEMA reconstructed arts and Eastern martial arts from Asia. Click here to read the article.


How to Create a Trauma Wound Kit for HEMA that Can Store in Your Bag or Club

This guide showcases some items that can be included in a personal first aid kit for Historical European martial arts swordplay, as well as items that can go in a larger bag meant for a club. Click here to read it.


The Best Historical European Martial Arts YouTube Channels to Watch

This article shines a spotlight on some of the best YouTube creators making content about historical western martial arts. Click here to read it.


Ancient European Martial Arts: A Brief Overview

HEMA is predominantly focused on the historical fencing practices from the Late Middle Ages, Renaissance and Early Modern Period of European history. To provide some information about more ancient practices this article summarizes some of the martial art traditions of European peoples from antiquity to the Early Middle Ages. Click here to read it.


HEMAR Forums

If you’re seeking other information feel free to make a post on the official Historical European Martial Arts Resources forums. We’ll try to answer any questions we are asked. Click here to visit the forums.



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